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Solar Panel Brand Trina Seraphim – not stated though Qcell Qcell best panels over all ranked by Clean Energy Reviews
Brand Ranking Best of Budget Panels Ranked 10th Top 5 CTSM offers more options
Power Wattage 290 275 275 and 330 CTSM offers the best type of panels
Poly, Mono or Multi Multi Poly Poly and Mono Best warranties CTSM
Warranty Panel 10yr 10yr 10yr & 12yr CTSM BEST Performance Warranties
Performance Warranty 81% ats 25yrs 80.7% at 25yrs 82% at 25yrs and 85% at 25yrs Only panel which has proven itself to being the best
Awards None can be found None can be found EUPD Research Top Brand PV Modules Europe 2016, 2017, 2018 & 2019 – Inter solar award 2018 winner – Solar+Power award winner 2017
Austalian Call Centre Sydney Melbourne Sydney
Price Panel Comparrison 32% cheaper than Qcell 330W 54% cheaper than Qcell 330W panel Standard to compare from CSTM panel is more expensive so other system should be that much cheaper


Inverter Brand Zever Solar Solis Goodwe, Huawei, Fronius & SolarEdge CTSM Best range of inverters
Brand Ranking Don’t Rank Don’t Rank Fronus and SolarEdge top 2 inverters. Huawei and Goodwe: Runners up with honurable mention CTSM Inverters all rank in the best inverters the other companies don’t even make it in
Single and Three Phase Both Both Both
Battery Ready NO NO YES – Battery ready options Available CTSM have solaredge and huawei which are battery ready. Future proofing you power needs
System Monitoring Yes Yes – very hard to get to work Yes – nice clear systems CTSM have monitoring in system packages and will set it up for you at completion of install
Warranty 5yr 5yr 5 – 12yrs CTSM Best Warranties
Price range Budget Friendly Cheap Budget Friendly to High End CTSM are able to be flexible for every customer budget and needs
Optimiser Compatible NO NO Huawei Optional & SolarEdge Standard CTSM only offer a Optimsed option for solar for difficult installations and increased system

Company Summary

Competitor 1 Competitor 2 Local CE Certified Company
Large electrical supply company Preditory Sales tactics Local Company
No local Support Hidden costs not told to customers All jobs approved by qualified Clean Energy Certified Designer Before final quote is given
use sub contractors no quality control measures No knowledge of what they are selling, customer All jobs are site inspected
Just another number left with deliberate misinformation With final quotes full design is given with payback period from savings on power bill
don’t give back to local community Terrible back up service Donates $1 from every panel to local sporting groups
System should be cheap for the price of gear used Use whatever sub contractor is the cheapest All systems installed by own business
Sales orrientated – sale first customer need 2nd Regularly systems installed which void warranty of gear used Every system has qualified tradesman on site for entire install

No inspection of roof and site before final quote or installation

Installation – no quality control Every system is signed off by the owner of the business
Call centre in India Design each solar system to customers needs not what best sale return for company
Donates $1 per panel to a charity Been selling and installing solar for 5yrs
Off shoot of another solar company which went into liquidation. Industry combined experience over 20yrs
Don’t do inspections to make sure system sold will All systems are installed within manufactures specs to makes sure all warranties are not void
Actually fit on roof Local support and after sales quality assurance
lie on voltage rise calculations to get systems approved updates training regularly on standards and products